Neko-Atsume (or Cat Collector, if you prefer) started as a simple smart phone game app in Japan in 2014, but soon after rode the perfect wave of cuteness and addiction-inducing gameplay that took the world by storm. Cat lovers around the world now have the pleasure of checking into their garden everyday to see if they have received a coveted rare gift from their virtual cats, or if the dreaded Manzoku-san (Mr. Tubbs) has eaten up all their food. But the virtual world isn't enough for some, so the world's first official Neko-Atsume store has opened for a limited time in Hong Kong.


Source: Bandai

Hong Kong was decided as the location, according to a press release, because of its ability to attract tourists from all over Asia, as well as be a hub for popular trends in Asian popular culture. While there are stores in Japan that sell Neko-Atsume goods, an official shop hasn't opened up, so this is a first.

Stepping into the shop must be like a fantasy for players of the popular cat collecting game, as the store's layout is modeled after the garden featured in the game. This means visitors can take their own pictures at spots featured in the game, and replicate cat poses. As a celebratory twist, the shop and goods feature Hong-distinct items such as Dim Sum, egg tarts, English style mail-boxes, and trams (a favorite of Ekicho-san/Conductor Whiskers) to make it a Hong-Kong themed Neko-Atsume.

Limited Edition Hong Kong Cushion


Source: Bandai

Limited Edition Hong Kong Mug


Source: Bandai

Limited Edition Hong Kong Pin-Badges


Source: Bandai

Ekicho-san (Conductor Whiskers) Cushion


Source: Bandai

Manzoku-san (Mr. Tubbs) Cushion


Source: Bandai

Now, the sad news is that this store is open for a limited time only, lasting until February 17th, 2016. The good news is that we feel bad to just leave people who can't make it to Hong Kong hanging, so as compensation here is a Japanese site where you can order some cool Neko Atsume goods: AmiAmi. Besides, this is a good sign for a potential permanent official merchandise shop--hopefully with online orders.

Those able to make it to Hong Kong, check out the address below.

Nekoatsume POP-UP STORE in Hong Kong

Shop Nos. 03 & 05 11 on Level 9, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

By - grape Japan editorial staff.