Drinks being served in mason jars is not an uncommon sight. However, in Japan, fun way of using jars have only been a hit in recent years.

Since jars can be purchased with as little as 100 yen (approx. 0.80 USD), people in Japan is trying different things with jars. Let's see what they have come up with so far.

Using it as a planter. The colorful gel ball and green colors make it a wonderful decor as well.

Jar salad. It has burdock roots in it as well. Tasty and healthy.

Putting in three different types of furikake (rice seasonings) inside affordable 100-yen jars

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Here is another 100-yen jar. Vegetables and hamburgers in pincho, with bloody Mary inside it as well. This is pretty explosive.

With colorful sweets. You could use jars as gifts, too.

Strawberry cake. With lots of layers, I bet this cake is a lot of fun to dig into.

Put your favorite drink for afternoon tea to get some mid-afternoon boost.

Homemade tiramisu. Put a ribbon around the jar to make it a cute gift.

It's hard to make toothpicks look fancy, but putting them into a jar like this make it look pretty good.

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It seems that mason jars have the power to add taste to things that could be seen as pretty mundane. I wonder what the ever-so imaginative Japan would do with these jars in the future...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.