Source: @_Zn__

This Cat Is Not Kidding..

This cat was not being tortured or trying to wear a lamp costume. The cat just received a body operation at the hospital, so his body's fur was mostly shaved. The cone mask is to prevent him from licking his unrecovered body. As many net users have been wondering what kind of sickness he had, the cat owner responded, "The cat had a cancer, fortunately, it was only in the first stage and the operation went successful. But some surgery marks had left on his sides and chest."

Many people had received the wrong message when they first saw the owner's cat picture, but the owner acknowledged and fully understood the forthcoming reactions. Obviously, it is quiet hard to hold in the laugh, especially one net user who could not bear it while riding on Japan's soundless train. But after the confusion was resolved, many of them apologized and hoped he will fully recover, so he could take off that hardly breathable cone mask.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.