A talented art student Kango Suzuki who majors in product design has created a clock that he never thought it would be so appreciated from others before the school exhibition starts. The mesmersing clock mechanically functions as a writer. Whenever the time is about to change, the clock will fix its time by writing a new time on a magnet board.

Everything happened in a beautiful second. The magic begins from the wooden parts underneath the board, a single movement that leads everything to go along together. After each exotic movement finishes its job from one to another, the board slightly tilts, then the number disappears. Since the writing board is a magnet, it can easily be erased and reused.

Over 400 wooden parts were used to create the Writing Clock. His beginning concept was “Easy for humans to do, but difficult for machines to process.” Just the experiment itself took him about half a year before the production started. As for the most challenging part, it was making the 4 digit numbers automatically write at the same time, and even if the mathematics behaved correctly, the wood may bend and get distorted.

Kango’s graduation design work “Writing Clock” can now be seen in the Tohoku University of Art and Design, from February 9th to February 14th, 10AM to 5PM. Although he still needs 1 to 2 weeks to finish off this unbelievable school project, it certainly is enough to impress a lot of folks with his bizarre imagination and the maginificent hard work he accomplished.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.