Source: tohato

Pikachu Shaped Popcorn Is Coming in March!

Japanese snack manufacturer Tohato will be launching a new exciting product next March. The world’s famous star Pikachu is being put in a mix with popcorn snacks, providing two different textures and flavors in one bag.

You will soon be able to discover the Pokemon pointy-eared head as crispy pieces of caramel-flavored snacks. Surrounding him will be handfuls of butter and soy-sauce-flavor popcorn, to tone down a little of Pikachu’s sweetness with a touch of salty flavor. Beside that, there is an entertainment of finding the 5 Pikachu popcorn in the bag, you must simply go deep to find them and catch them all.

The Pikachu popcorn snack will be available from March 7th and sells at 122 yen (US$1.08).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.