Whether you are a kid or an adult, we can all appreciate the way the Pokemon series has sparked our creative curiosity and made us dream of a world where we could battle and hang out with the cool little guys. Maybe that'll never happen, but we can at least marvel at this awesome attempt to bring Pokemon a little closer to our world with this brilliant Pokemon hologram setup by kennywdev.

Kennywdev posted a thread on reddit, explaining that he made a prism out of plexiglass and mounted a camera on top for image tracking. He then created a 3D scene in Unity using Pokemon and Vuforia models. The original video he posted surprised him with an enthusiastic response (c'mon, it's Pokemon!), so here it is, showing off the tech in its full glory.

Pressed for more results, kennywdev went into more detail, explaining that:

Basically, I have a monitor projecting onto a 4 sided prism. I coded a game in Unity that can track cards through a webcam while displaying the 3D scene in 4 screens...The webcam is mounted on the monitor so it's directly facing the playing board. I'm surprised it turned out this good though... I can post more pics of the setup if people want

And post he did, as his imgur account gives a mini-DIY explanation of how he brought the Pokemon to life.

So there you go, a new cool dimension to Pokemon. Way to go!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.