Same-sex marriage has been a controversial topic that is sometimes over-judged in Japan. Many individuals can’t express themselves besides searching for hidden locals to share their identities comfortably.

An actress Ellen Page has won many awards and was nominated from an Academy Award, and was in notable films such as X-men series and Inception. She took some days off to visit the Tokyo’s famous gay district Shinjuku Ni-chome (Area 2), to discover the societies treatment towrads gay individuals, and learn various aspects of their lives.

Hide themselves from public

She visited Gold Finger, the first women-only bar in Japan, listening to them share their struggles of close their real sexual identity to the public. And then, she with her beloved male friend Ian went to a hidden store Onnanoko Cafe, a place where you can freely dress like girls. The place is perfect for new transgenders to experience their first cross-dressing.

Fortunately, one transgender mentioned that the view of gay people has been positively alternating in Japan, slowly but surely. Five years ago, cross-dressing were uncomfortably seen by the public, but now is more understood. Possibly after 5 years, they will become more accetpable without extra judgement.

Meditate in Buddhist temple

Towards the end, Ellen and her friend Ian sat down in a Buddhist temple to meditate. In the end, they simply confess their friend’s feeling towards one another in a most direct and simple confessed way.

Society Will Catch Up

On April 1st 2015, Shibuya ward became the first place in Japan allows same sex marriage.

Ellen Page:

It's not super easy at first, but I feel people involved quite quickly. It is because we all obviously understand love and desire it, and could understand the means for other people, and hopefully can see that being gay is not a choice.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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