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Scarily Real 4D Body Paint Artwork

These days, pictures can be remade in different forms through technology, so we start to forget about the mesmerizing basic hand-drawing of what humans can accomplish. Hikaru Cho is a body paint artist, limiting herself to focus on analogue technique without using the computer. One day when she was out of paper, she decided to use her hand as a canvas. Little did she know, the result she experienced would come out far more interesting and realistic than paper. The angle and perspective widely pushes through a rare scene of 4D environment.

People say that my work looks ‘kimochi warui’ (disturbing/disgusting) sometimes and I’m usually happy when I hear those comments. I really focus on giving impact to my work, or to provide an uncomfortable feeling that makes people stop when they pass by my work. So when people say that my work is disgusting, it means that my work had that impact on them.

Her art has expanded to a number of professional contracts with companies like Samsung and groups such as Amnesty International. You can see more realistic 4D artwork at her Twitter and website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

toco toco ep.28 Hikaru Cho, Body paint artist