Laputa: Castle in the Sky remains one of most charming efforts put forth by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. The world featured in the film is as every bit enthralling as its storytelling, featuring a magic spells, awesome airships and flight contraptions, mysterious amulets and a floating civilization.


It provides the perfect timeless escapism for animation fans, so timeless in fact that Japanese social media users annually attempt to break a world Twitter record when the film is broadcast on television. During the scene where Pazu and Sheeta cast a spell of destruction and say "Balse!", Japanese Twitter users tweet out that very word in unison--trying to break the record they set in 2013, of 143,199 tweets in one second.

More timeless than that funny tradition may be the beautiful score by Joe Hisaishi. And while he likely never imagined it, the classic theme of the film can now be heard on this LEGO version of the Castle in the Sky, that also happens to be a music box.

Crafted by Banghoo H and Yeom-E, the awesome castle in the sky rotates while a gear-turning steampunk music box plays the main theme from the film.

The nifty music box


And it all fits under this glass casing


Here's another version that lets you hear just the music box theme, and the strangely pleasant turning of the gears.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.