When it comes to engineering a jailbreak, there's the easy way, the hard way, and now there's the bunny way. Or at least that seems to be the most suitable name for this head-on technique applied by an adorable little rabbit in Kobe, Japan named Yosei (fairy). According to his owner @ppp518 (Erina)'s Twitter, the tiny guy has a few bad habits, including not distinguishing between his food dish and toilet area, but perhaps his latest attempt to break out of his cage head-first is the cutest part of his rebellious ways.

As this recent Tweet reads, Erina finally saw the exact moment Yosei pulled off presumably one of his many daring escapes from his cage. Although there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of planning that went into it, his technique makes up for that in cuteness and loads of bunny-willpower!

Fortunately this not-so-subtle jailbreak didn't lead to any danger or harm as Erina was watching, although this Tweet shows that the cage was later modified to prevent any further bunny heroics!

Unfortunately, as the Tweet explains, the problem of food pellets in the toilet area remains!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.