In less than 3 months is the premiere of the horror movie we’ve all been waiting for — Sadako vs Kayako.

Although it isn’t scheduled to be released in theaters until July 18th, 2016, it looks like goods inspired by the movie are already in preparation. One of the first of such items is PUTITTO SERIES “Sadako vs Kayako,” a series of cup clingers sure to send chills down your spine.

Accompanying your drinks will be Sadako from The Ring, along with Kayako and Toshio from Ju-On: The Grudge. Introduced as cup clingers that are legitimately bloodcurdling but are actually quite endearing, you might foster feelings other than fear for these iconic horror movie characters.

On the same day of the movie’s release, these 5 cup clingers will be making their way into Japanese households, scaring innocent children and jumpy adults alike.

Climbing Sadako

Stuck Sadako

Hanging Sadako

Hanging Kayako

Kayako With Toshio

Kayoko With Toshio cup clingers actually have 2 secret versions, one with Toshio wearing gold underwear, and another where his entire body is painted gold.

These terrifying cup clingers will be sold in movie theaters, hobby shops, bookstores, convenience stores, and online for 500 yen (4.41 USD) each.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.