Face swapping is now a huge internet trend, and results usually range from mildly funny to unbelievably creepy. People are even experimenting with inanimate objects and body parts (boob face swap, anyone?), and the craze is getting increasingly hilarious by the day.

But when you use a face swap app, you also have to remember that it’s not perfect — it makes innocent mistakes too, as one Japanese Twitter user recently found out.

@happy_naa was hanging out with her friend when they decided to hop on the face swapping bandwagon and snapped a pic. But instead of identifying the face of her friend, the face recognition system mistook her necklace as the other human face in the picture.

What followed was the creation of possibly the creepiest face swap in all of face swap history.

I tried to face swap with my friend but ended up face swapping with my necklace instead.

Admittedly, the necklace does resemble a sort of face, but the resulting picture is absolutely petrifying. Not to mention that itty bitty face hanging around her neck.


Source: @happy_naa


Source: @happy_naa

And even though her friend probably laughed her behind off at this failed attempt, she no doubt had some mixed feelings, considering the face recognition system thought the necklace looked more like a human face.

But it appears as though this wasn’t the only odd face swap session @happy_naa was witness to. In another tweet, she shows a picture of her dad who, instead of successfully face swapping with Japanese model Rola, unintentionally ended up doing so with the intercom on the wall behind him.

Maybe she just needs to get her app checked.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.