This Military Cosplay Is Too Serious…

You may think that all Japanese cosplays are about colorful, fictional, and possibly magical characters, but those assumptions are not entirely true. In fact, cosplays can be divided in multiple categories, and there is specific section that is quite popular known in Japan, which is the military otaku cosplay. Different from the pop cultural cosplay style, they feature to realism and historical accuracy. Not just heading for the looks, the character must be presented as a figure, face down and no smile.

Here are some "very serious" military council meetings.

Any decision making may cause of war and loss of lives, so cosplayers in the meantime are trying to hold their poker-face as long as possible.

The seriousness can be so confusing that many viewers aren't able to recognize the act and think of it's a stage setting from some military movie.

The Airforce folks somehow appeared in the middle of the meeting.

Some of them burst into tears...

Handsome good looking group picture.

The skirt kind of ruin the atmosphere.

Captain and 2nd lieutenant cadet. Still remaining in-character even out of the meeting.

As being serious the whole day, we hope they party afterwards to let go of some tension.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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