Rainy days can be a major drag, especially during the rainy season when it feels like it’s always pouring outside. But even just adding a small pop of color to such dreary days can make all the difference.

The good news is, Japanese umbrella maker Hokusai Graphic has the perfect umbrellas that will keep you dry and high-spirited, however gloomy the weather.

Hokusai Graphic has a wide variety of umbrellas fit for every type of need. What’s even better is that the majority of them come in Japanese-style designs, from swimming goldfish to retro tsubaki flower prints.

The 3-fold portable umbrellas are great for when it will only rain for part of the day, and the long 16-ribbed umbrellas and maiko gasa (maiko umbrellas) will make you stand out with their brilliant Japanese patterns. Or, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you might go for the plastic umbrellas, a highly common and popular type of umbrella in Japan.

If you have 200 more dollars to spend, though, you might want to consider the Hokusai umbrellas that have the most traditional look.

You can grab a 3-fold portable umbrella when you’re on-the-go,


Source: Hokusai Graphic

and carry 16-ribbed or maiko umbrellas when it’ll be raining all day.


Source: Hokusai Graphic


Source: Hokusai Graphic

Plastic umbrellas are the cheaper, lighter alternatives,


Source: Hokusai Graphic

but if you want to splurge, Hokusai umbrellas might be your perfect match.


Source: Hokusai Graphic


Source: Hokusai Graphic

Aside from their Japanese designs, they also have umbrellas in other designs like space, cats, flamingos, and fruits.


Source: Hokusai Graphic


Source: Hokusai Graphic

Prices for the umbrellas range from 1,600 yen (14.70 USD) to 24,900 yen (228.60 USD). They don’t ship internationally, but you can always try package forwarding services to get past that obstacle. Shop here at Hokusai Graphic’s online store!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.