It’s often the simplest of tools that are incorporated to create the most intricate artworks. Take the drawings of Japanese Twitter user Shinichi Furuya, for instance. The only things necessary to create them are a few pencils and the incredible talent of the amateur artist.

Middle-aged salaryman by day, Furuya has long kindled his passion for the arts through his hyperrealistic pencil drawings of famous celebrities. He regularly posts his creations on his Twitter, and it takes more than one good look to be convinced that they aren’t black and white photographs.

Furuya mainly draws Japanese celebrities, with past works including drawings of Kasumi Arimura, Satomi Ishihara, Yui Aragaki, and Rino Sashihara, to name a few.

Believe it or not, all of his creations come to life solely with pencils.

This drawing of actress Kasumi Arimura only took him a few days to complete.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

And Yui Aragaki was drawn with just two pencils.

Furuya chose a pair of Staedtler Lumograph carbon pencils in 7B and 8B.

Reminder: Furuya is not a professional artist.


Source: YouTube

See him in action in these time-lapse videos:

He doesn’t just draw Japanese celebrities, though. He’s also shared images of his drawings of Taylor Swift and Miranda Kerr. The colors add a whole new layer of depth and intricacy to his works.

You can see more of Furuya’s drawings on his Twitter, and his time-lapse videos on his YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.