A brilliant way to keep every Kendo fighters focused on their training even during mealtime. Nikkorie created a mini size Kendo helmet for chopstick to rest on top of. The specific top area is called men (head), one of the critical target areas upon the four main targets to strike with the bamboo stick in the Japanese modern martial art Kendo.

The scoring system of Kendo is extremely strict. A proper followthrough, and precise accuracy are required, and oftentimes a clear “pop” sound is needed to be considered as a good hit to gain points from the judge. Nikkorie’s mini size Kendo helmet does not only explain clearly about the scoring system, but also presents the beautiful spirit of Kendo.

The mini Kendo helmet sells at a fair price of 1,800yen ($16.55 USD) on Minne. Currently it is noted on the website as sold out, but Nikkorie is in-production to create more and possibly the inventory will be stored back around June or July.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.