Hiding multiple wires under the table or in the back corner is a simple way to keep our room clean and neat. As for Japan, that sort of amount of cleanness is not on up to their standard, the ugly power outlet needs be cleared away as well. A creative Japanese Designer Sugimura found a beautiful way to fix this issue by using traditional woodworking methods on a miniature scale. He hand-cuts pieces of wood to build a tiny shoji screen to mount the power outlet, making the power outlet look traditionally elegant, and it adds another wall of safety.

Uses the same quality of Japanese thin paper like the original.

Sugimura slices out little details that are only noticeable if you get on your hands and knees to take a closer look, like the moons and birds in the rice paper of the screens, as well as tiny handle.

Another option of an one-slided screen door.

Inside the door is covered with Tatami.

If you are interested, many other designs can be found on his website at Tori Craft.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.