Videos like these just make the whole "chicken or the egg?" question more complicated.

On a broadcast of Japanese television show "Tameshi Gatten", high school students at Oihama High School in Chiba, Japan are shown demonstrating a method of incubating a chicken egg without the actual egg shell. While the shell-less method, which makes use of a plastic wrap and chemical solution in the case of the video, was described in a paper published in 2014 by Japan's Journal of Poultry Science, seeing it documented in action in a high school biology class is pretty fascinating. Using the technique, the paper claimed a 57.1% success rate of hatched chickens.

While the method is not exactly brand new and Japanese media has covered the Oihama students before, non-Japanese media outlets have been picking up the story thanks to a subtitled version of the broadcast made by Spoon & Tamago. Give it a look and a big thumbs up for science!

It's not just an alternative way of doing things, but a method of observation, as the report says: "The shell-less culture technique for chick embryos also potentially plays an important role in the education of school children in life sciences, through the direct observation of embryonic development."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

Yurukyaru / Spoon & Tamago/Facebook