Inakadate Village in Aomori Prefecture is widely known for their enormous rice paddy art, and they’ve succeeded in amazing us once again with their 2016 masterpieces. For those unfamiliar with rice paddy art, it is a large-scale art project where colored rice plants are used to paint a work of art across a rice paddy. New artwork has been displayed at Inakadate Village every year since 1993, and this year marks the 24th year of this annual event.

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Although the event initially started off with works made from 3 types of colored rice plants, 7 different rice plants that are currently used to create each massive piece. In this way, despite its size, each masterpiece is made with deftly added touches of detail.

2016 Theme: “Sanada Maru” and “Godzilla Resurgence”

The rice paddy art themes for 2016 are Sanada Maru (this year’s historical drama broadcasted by NHK), and the upcoming movie Godzilla Resurgence. The themes could not be more drastically different, but both have prompted highly impressive and striking artwork.

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The Sanada Maru-themed rice paddy art, featuring famous Japanese samurai warriors Sanada Masayuki and Ishida Mitsunari, can be viewed from May 30th to October 10th, while the Godzilla Resurgence-themed work can be enjoyed from June 18th to October 10th. It’s said that the best time to see them is in mid-July, although a visit during the fall season will reveal beautiful gold-colored rice plants. Rice paddy art are all unique works that undergo subtle changes over the seasons, which make them seeing them that much more special.

There are also events in the area that let tourists experience planting and harvesting rice, which, done beside these giant rice paddy art, might give you an entirely new impression of the already jaw dropping art created with rice plants.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.