Pudding is not a kid’s dessert, especially in Japan. Shouyukafe is a popular cafe located in Yokohama, and they specialize in serving exquisite type of beautiful raw pudding.

This rich raw pudding is known for using the most natural and richest ingredients, especially the selected egg yolk which contains extra high nutrition that helps people who have caught a cold. The form of pudding is divided into two layers, topped with rich yolk, and mixes of caramel and milk on the bottom.

Also, it has an option to add their special soy sauce dressing for a different type of unique experimental taste.

Besides the original, they have a Matcha green tea version. The matcha comes from Shizuoka, using their highest class tea, the “Honzan” tea.

Base on everything is hand-made, the fancy raw pudding store only serves 15 to 40 customers. If you ever sweep by, don’t forget to check out what a real pudding taste like.


1-77-4 Motomachi Naka-ku Yokohama Kanagawa

Store hours: 10:00~16:00

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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