The augmented reality game Pokemon GO is a game changer, and it casually hit the number 1 free downloaded app on the shelf after the early launch. Most console and PC games would have you sit all day at home to enjoy the game, but the outdoor gaming experience Pokemon GO makes you leave your lazy ass and walk out the door to catch’ em all.

However, not all gamers have an outdoor personality. In Japan, even though the release hasn’t been announced yet, a brilliant Japanese pro Nintendo player has already been preparing a way to hack the outdoor experience and turn it indoor. (Well, in his best imaginary scenario.)

As many Pokemon trainers know, there is an egg hatching game system that expects you to walk a certain distance till the egg breaks, then you could earn a random free Pokemon. To avoid the distance walking, the Nintendo pro player (@adure_) built a super long blue train track, attached with a small cart for the phone to sit on. So while the cart engine runs, the phone will act as it's in consistent motion to trick the egg itself. And at some point, the egg might break real hard after the continuous 24 hour marathon.

Which also includes a high ground bridge in the center to save some room space.

(I really dislike walking while playing Pokemon GO)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.