Talk to anyone you see on the streets of Japan, and chances are they’ve all bet their chances on a gachapon machine at least a handful of times in their lives.

Gachapon machines, which spit out small toys and figurines in round capsules, can be found in virtually any city, from inside supermarkets, malls, toy stores, and arcades. It’s a cheap and briefly thrilling way to pass the time with friends, eyeing a coveted toy and crossing your fingers for it to fall into the pocket below.

But now, you can have one in your own house, and play as many times as necessary to get your favorite toy!


Source: Bandai


Source: Bandai

Starting August 9th, 2016, capsule toy enthusiasts can purchase the Bandai Official Gachapon Machine, a faithful, working reproduction of the machines you would find in Japan. It’s half the size of an actual Bandai machine, but is no doubt enough to keep you, your friends, and probably half your neighborhood entertained (so long as you don’t run out of toys and figurines, that is).

The mini gachapon machine comes with 6 capsules filled with toys, for which you would actually have to insert a real 100 yen coin to get. There are also 27 different display cards that can be inserted into the front window of the machine, so that you can decorate it during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.


Source: Bandai


Source: Bandai

Each machine costs 7,020 yen (65.45 USD), and can be reserved for future purchase on Amazon. They’ll also be sold in toy stores and hobby shops throughout the country.

As long as you have this mini capsule toy machine, you’ll definitely be the life of the party.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.