Nobody loves Wally (known as Waldo in North America) more than Japan does! A huge Wally RUN will be happening in Osaka on October 2nd and Aichi on October 15th. The previous Wally costume parades have been held in Ginza last year, and another Wally run in Tokyo attracted 6,000 people.

If you happen to sweep by Japan around thier Halloween or Christmas, you may easily spot people dressing up in Wally costume. It’s a standard fashion that happens mostly every year, just like the Pokemon Pikachu parade in Yokohma.

We are not clear why, but most of the Wally cosplayers are girls, whether they like to dress as Wally’s friends Wenda or Wilma, or Wally himself.

“The Where’s Wally?” Wally run event will spread over several runs. Entry costs up to 7500 yen for adults, though there are discounts for younger participants and early applicants. While you are there, you will be given the Wally costume, so everyone can line-up and be similar to each other.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.