We’ve seen incredible wire art by an 80-year-old amateur artist, but one professional Japanese artist has also been producing wire masterpieces of jaw-dropping meticulousness and allure. With just one piece of very long wire, artist Michika Yamada is able to coil and bend her way into creating delicate, gorgeous works of wire art that truly take the craft to new heights.

Yamada first began dabbling in wire art during college, when she chose to make a mask out of wire for her graduation project. She eventually harbored the desire to create jewelry out of wires, and with a plethora of jewelry pieces under her belt, ultimately started creating wire art.

As you might be able to tell from her creations, her works have deeply been inspired by mandala art. In fact, her favorite artworks are those from her mandala collection. The calculated tangles of her art bring forth a sense of mature fragility, and her audience can only imagine the time and effort it took to complete one masterpiece.

Though far from surprising, Yamada has revealed that it takes her an incredibly long time to finish one work. Large works are said to take 4-6 months to complete, and from the moment she figures out what kind of concept she wants her next creation to have to the day she finishes, her art is all she thinks about.

The only qualm she has about her wire art is that because it takes so long to finish one work, it’s difficult for her to make many works, and thus difficult for her to hold exhibitions. However, when she’s not working on her wire art, she creates beautiful wire jewelry, which can be purchased at the Village/Vanguard online shop!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.