Curry is somewhere very near the top of the list when it comes to Japanese soul food. While Indian curry restaurants are an ubiquitous presence in both major cities and the countryside, the Japanese version of curry, sometimes served with delectable katsu (deep fried cutlets), has an inviting scent and image of comfort in almost every Japanese home. For true curry fanatics, the best way to show your devotion to curry has always been to eat it by the boatload, but now you can actually wear your love for the saucy goodness on your sleeve with this loud and proud curry T-shirt.

It even has a fur mound of rice as a pocket with a spoon.

This ultra realistic and unique declaration of love for curry (called the Psychic Curry Shirt) comes courtesy of fashion brand Tanuki. The design is so dead-on in terms of replicating a bowl of Japanese curry, people around you may just think you've jumped into a vat of the strongly scented stuff. At 8,800 yen ($86.77 USD), we imagine it is for serious curry lovers only, or just people trying to one-up the eccentric level of Akihabara on Sundays. But hey, the pocket is actually a fur ball of rice with a spoon sticking out!

And if that doesn't satisfy your over-the-top food fashion needs, top it off with a glow in the dark udon noodle necklace (1,800 yen, $17.75 USD).


Source: Tanuki

The back.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.