One of the more well-known regional snacks in Japan is the Unagi Pie, or the Eel Pie. The popular snack is a tie-in to Shizuoka prefecture's fame for eel, where it originated. It actually resembles a butter cookie in taste more than anything, although it does have some hardly noticeable eel mash in it.

Although a Shizuoka original, the treat used to be sold at Nagoya station for a long time, before it made a sad disappearance at the end of August (probably because it's not from Nagoya), saddening customers. In addition, it's said the lack of eel pie affected use of the popularly used non-stop train “Nozomi” that travels from Tokyo to Osaka as well.

Eel Pie

Eel Pie with Peanuts

When the store was actively running, tons of Japan’s Twitter users and news has been frequently discussed about its wonderful and unique of taste, which nearly no other pie could possibly reinvent over or convert.

It only took a matter of time for big buzz to reach the Eel Pie creator Shunkado, who recognizesd the customers shocking reaction, and decided to expand 16 of their stores behind the station exit and subway platform, together to keep continuing the one that was running at Esca underground subway shopping center, a total of 17 stores have been scheduled to open on September 16th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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