The LC World Motosu shopping mall located in Gifu Prefecure’s Motosu City was built in 1992. The spacious shopping mall housed 107 tenant spaces. Unfortunately, business did not go well, resulting in the mall closing down shops and being abandoned for years--well, all except for one shop.

The mall's supermarket is still in place, but it is only stocked with one item--onions! Furthermore, there are no employees. The onion stand operates on an honor-system where customers leave cash in a collection box. These are not uncommon in Japan, and are quite frequently found on countryside roads. To see one in an entirely constructed shopping mall that has no other apparent use, however, is quite rare.

A friendly price sign marks the Hokkaido-grown onions as 100 yen each.

The owner of the super market has placed a sign apologizing for the closing of business, although they do have two other functioning locations.

We are not sure what had happened to cause the owner to keep striving to sell only onions in an otherwise abandoned shopping wall, but thanks to Japanese Twitter user @yogoren the internet now knows of its existence. Perhaps onion sales may see a spike after this.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.