This may be awkward in other countries, but not in Japan. The Shouting Vase will allow anybody to turn their loudest, pent-up frustrations into hushed whispers. It absorbs your screams and shouts in the vase and magically emits them as a puppy version of your anger cries through the tiny hole at the base.



Although it may look like a toy or a flower vase, the product was even featured in NHK’s Good Morning Japan. The Shouting Vase has an important existence in Japan. It can decrease the high stress that most Japanese workers and even children have, and hopefully create a chance to contribute to lowering Japan’s high suicide rate. Also, since peace and quiet is often much-appreciated in Japan, the Shouting Vase definitely comes in handy.



The Shouting Vase is recommended for anyone who has one or more of the following issues:

- High Stress

- Work Frustration

- Evil Wife

The Shouting Vase is available for 79 USD, and can be shipped internationally to countries including the U.S, France, and Spain. Of course, if you happen to be a super happy person and sees life with no regrets, well, congrats to you! However, if you have a friend who is the opposite of you, then this might be the perfect gift to help them out.



By - grape Japan editorial staff.