There's nothing wrong with not being that in the know about Pokemon, but missing out on some small details could lead to some problems. An online shopper @featherlit was trying to surprise his wife by buying her favorite Pokemon Snorlax plushie as a gift. Trying to impress her with some kindness, he bought three plushies without giving it a thought. The only problem is that he didn't check the size.

The result in the living room...

Featherlit said his wife likes Snorlax because of the dumb and cute look.

But he never imagined that dumb and cute look could take up so much space...

He thought plushies were supposed to be small and not life-size, just something to put on a desk. However his lack of Pokemon knowledge took him down the wrong path, as life-size Snorlax plushie pillows are booming right now..

"Now she’s f***ing pissed off with me and is threatening to move back to her mom’s home," featherlitt wrote as part of a desperate plea for someone to please get rid of these damn Snorlax on Carousell.

Thankfully, featherlit has now confirmed that all three Snorlax have been sold, so his relationship is no longer in jeopardy. And the Snorlax (hopefully) have found a new home with love, not shamed for their size.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.