Dogs and cats have no shortage of small-sized sweaters and costumes to wear on days they're feeling extra cute, but what about the smaller critters that want to temporarily shed their usual look for something more exciting? Well, to @_o_mimimi's pleasant surprise, it turns out that hamsters have just the costume that will turn them into adorable, miniature Pokémon.

One day when @_o_mimimi held up the sleeping bag of a Pikachu sleeping bag plushie to her hamster Haru-chan, the little creature slipped right in, turning into a mini Cubone.

It turned out that the 6-centimeter sleeping bag was a perfect fit, and Haru-chan looked so adorable that @_o_mimimi wanted nothing more than to take her out for a walk, showing everyone the real life Cubone she was now living with at home.

From the looks of it, the furry hamster seems quite pleased with this new discovery as well, and has certainly gained herself a few more brownie points with her human for inadvertently turning into a squeal-worthy little monster.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.