Cats might have a reputation for being aloof and impassive, but Japanese Twitter user @Kirika_ma_cos’s feline is more affectionate than a drooling, tail-wagging dog that just scarfed down its third piece of jerky. While we’ve seen this cuddly cat clutch onto its human’s arm refusing to be shaken off before, it looks like the close duo is at it again with their adorableness.

Seeing that his beloved cat was fast asleep, @Kirika_ma_cos quietly slipped out of the house to make a quick trip to the local convenience store one night. Little did he imagine that when he came back, his cat would be awaiting his return with a never-ending hug.

It could be that the cuddly kitty woke up panicked to see its human nowhere to be found; whatever the reason, it wasn’t long after @Kirika_ma_cos arrived back home that the cat took its human’s arm captive in the most heart-melting way.

With a cat this affectionate, we can bet the only issue @Kirika_ma_cos has is finding the heart to wrench his arm away from his feline.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.