Source: YouTube

Tohoku’s Most Scenic Spot, Geibikei Gorge

Chris from Abroad in Japan takes his viewers to the the most scenic spot in Tohoku which is Geibikei Gorge! The beautiful landscape can be viewed for about $16 a person on a boat ride through the Gorge for an hour.

The youtuber gives us a taste of the clear, fresh water and magnificent, green covered rock formations that surround the area. They row past a small shrine on the boat and everyone attempts to throw money in the saisen box while still on a moving boat.

And to Chris’s excitement, plenty of ducks to feed and watch as they swim by.

He describes the scenery as something straight out of the Lord of The Rings movie.

And it wouldn’t be Japan if something peculiar wasn’t involved. And in this case, throwing rocks into a hole for good luck across the water. And after watching the many attempts by people including Chris himself came to the conclusion that it was a lot more difficult than it sounded. The choice of rocks are engraved stones with the kanji for luck, bond, wish, love, romance, fortune, connection, longevity, assets or income.

In his video, the youtuber depicts the calm, beauty of the landscape and ends it with a beautiful song from the coxswain. Please don’t forget to check Chris’s video to learn more about the area!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.