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Healthiest Ramen in Japan?

Brian from the YouTube channel, Ramen Adventures goes on another food adventure to Koshinbou this time, an all female staff ramen shop, quite unique for Japan.

The food expert’s choice of bowl was a 800 yen ramen with egg called Ajitama ramen. Ajitama means seasoned boiled egg.

The excitement that Brian has for the fish and pork bones soup once it arrives is contagious even through a screen!

The first thing he distinguishes is that the tonkatsu has a subtle aroma which is uncommon. After the first sip he describes it as being very refined and easy to drink and gives it a thumps up.

The chashu may look very fatty but it was actually very smooth.

And you can find vegetables in the soup which is a rare commodity in Japan, along with thinly sliced kombu. And of course the soft boiled egg which Brian saves for last, is perfectly creamy and delicious. Another bowl crushed for Ramen Adventures!

Brian interviews his table neighbours, a Japanese family also enjoying the Ramen. The children were too shy to answer but their vigourous slurping gives an oishi approval!

The shop is in Machida, about 40 minutes from Shinjuku, but seems to be worth the trip. He asks the owner, Rie Nozu what is the best part of the ramen. And the key is removing unnecessary oil from the soup!

Watch Brian try more Ramen on his channel!


4-1-1 Haramachida Machida-shi Tokyo

+81 42-727-8439

By - grape Japan editorial staff.