As much as humans are thrilled when they first welcome a new animal member of the family into their homes, it’s not always an easy transition for the newcomers. But for @ZHlEND__’s cat Ruby, there’s at least one spot that she looks to have found complete and utter solace in.

In less than two weeks after arriving at @ZHlEND__’s home, Ruby discovered the comforts of snuggling into an empty tissue box. It turned out to be a perfect fit, wrapping around and hugging her little body just tightly enough to make her feel safe and cozy.

Though it’s not clear how Ruby found out about the sheer luxury of tissue boxes, it could be that she somehow saw the recent trend in “Scottissue Folds,” a play on the words “Scottish Fold” and “tissue” that prompted a series of adorable capsule toys, and wanted to try it out.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad Ruby has found a nice nook for herself in her new home, and hope that her human continues to shower her with clean tissue boxes as necessary.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.