You may have seen a dog sitting nonchalantly in the driver's seat of a moving vehicle before, but it's certainly not every day that you see a super buff shiba dog behind the wheel of a truck.

Japanese Twitter user @pianOton was cruising around in her car one day when she caught eye of a handsome truck driver with a muscular build in the opposing lane. It didn't take long for her realize that it was in fact a shiba, although that didn't stop her heart from fluttering like a butterfly in her chest.

Source: @pianOton

Just passed a super hot truck driver!
My heart...

Casting a sharp gaze toward the road ahead, the macho dog sat calmly in its car, revealing its macho arm to other astonished drivers. The original post has been since retweeted over 56,000 times, prompting other muscle-loving Twitter users to drool over the dog's incredible physique.

What a handsome dog!

Look at that body!

This buff shiba looks like it wouldn't even bat an eyelash at all the fame, but we hope he doesn't break too many innocent hearts in the process.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.