As easy as they are to make, one of the pet peeves of cup noodle-lovers is the peeling back of the lid during the three-minute wait. Without a weight the lid stays wide open, letting the heat of the hot water escape, but chopsticks are too light. Even with forks, the lid ultimately ends up coiling back at the sides.

With the help of an adorable flapjack octopus, however, the battle between hungry humans and open lids will be no more. Utilizing its circular shape, the endearing deep sea creature will act as a weight to hold down cup noodle lids to instant food perfection.

Flapjack Octopus Cup Noodle Lid

The flapjack octopus weight is created by Deep Sea Mother, an online retailer specializing in deep sea creature-themed products. As for this particular cup noodle tool, it has gained massive popularity on Twitter since it was first announced on their official page:

New cup noodle octopus lids are now on sale!
You can grab them by the fins on their head, and rest your chopsticks on their front legs. They might be useful in other situations too, but for now they’re just cup noodle lids.

Perfectly sized for cup noodles

Source: @deepseaMOTHER

They can be grabbed by the fins

Source: @deepseaMOTHER

Source: @deepseaMOTHER

You can even trust them with your chopsticks!

Source: @deepseaMOTHER

The Flapjack Octopus Cup Noodle Lid can be purchased online for 3,024 yen (US$27). Other products made in the shape of deep sea creatures are also available, so make sure to take a good look!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.