Just a few weeks ago, Justin Bieber finally met Japanese "superstar" Pikotaro. If you don't know already, Bieber was a huge supporter and influencer of the “PPAP” video before it went viral last year. Pikotaro even goes as far as to say that without him, PPAP would never have gained the amount of publicity and success that it has globally.

It was Japan’s multinational telecommunications company SoftBank that gave the chance for these two stars to meet (while also promoting their new smartphone discount for students, of course). In the commercial, Bieber gave greetings to Japanese students while repeating the catch phrase “Super Students” and passing through school hallways. Shocking the unsuspecting students, he also manages to slip in some Japanese and English phrases about the promoted discount.

"Super Students!"

"Discounts for everyone!"

"HEY! Piko!!"


By - grape Japan editorial staff.