Stunt-Ninjas Are The Best Cheerleaders Ever For WBC 2017

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With the World Baseball Classic 2017 fast approaching, Japanese logistics company Nippon Express decided to make a video in support of the tournament.

Since feudal Japanese times, ninja skillfully served from the shadows the activities and strategies of samurai (warriors) they were loyal to, making them the ultimate five-tool player.

Turning an entire world into a baseball field

A misty night. In the midst of forest of bamboos stands a Ninja.

The ninja then reveals his true self - the spirit of a baseball player. When he launches a ball towards the sky, the ball multiplies, and scatters across the world. This marks the beginning of a baseball match on a global scale.

One of the balls reaches a truck terminal in North America. As soon as a Nippon Express staff sees this, he turns himself into a ninja.

Other Nippon Express staff in other logistical centers all turn themselves into ninjas in order to start chasing the balls.

These Ninja Baseballers continue to control these baseballs until they reach the stadium. The spectacular baseball match then comes to a close.

Supporting the National Team with style

Ninjas traditionally served samurai. That's why Nippon Express decided to feature Ninjas in the video to support the tournament as a Global Sponsor of the WBC 2017.

The tournament will begin on March 7th. We look forward to seeing some exciting games!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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