Immerse yourself in the breathtaking computer graphics of the Final Fantasy series and you’ll know that its creation required the collaborative efforts of many of the world’s most talented artists. Most fans would jump out of their seats to get an even closer look at the detailed artwork of the franchise, and for those in the Nagoya area, this dream will soon become reality.

From April 14th to the 16th, a special art exhibition displaying the works of Kazumasa Uchio, one of the main concept artists for the Final Fantasy movies, will be held at Winc Aichi in the city of Nagoya. Uchio has heavily contributed to the artwork of film adaptations of the massively successful series, and this is a rare opportunity to get exclusive access to many of the original pieces.

Around 50 of the Okayama-born artist’s works will be displayed at the event, with some over 3 meters long and purchasable right at the venue. Uchio himself will be visiting the exhibit on the 15th and the 16th, which makes going to this event basically obligatory for hardcore fans. Better yet, admission is absolutely free!

These are some of Uchio's brilliant works to be displayed at the event:

Source: The World Of Kazumasa Uchio Exhibition/©Kazumasa Uchio

Get more information about the art exhibition on the official website (Japanese).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

The World Of Kazumasa Uchio Exhibition
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