Tiny as they can be, a lot of us have a fear of bugs. It turns out humans aren't the only species that get chills up their spine when they come face-to-face with a creepy crawly, though.

Jyajya, a red panda living at the Safari Park in Himeji Central Park, also isn't a huge fan of insects.

It was visitor and Japanese Twitter user @pro824824824 who discovered this fact, and as they watched excitedly at the arrival of their favorite animal in the park, they caught on camera an adorable moment of red panda-meets-bug.

Perhaps emotionally unprepared for the sudden encounter, Jyajya gets up on its hind legs and tries to intimidate this new "enemy." The clip shows Jyajya pouncing at the bug, too, but to no avail as it gets away. While it looks like their little battle ended in a draw, visitors were happy to see a side of the red panda that's not so often observed by the greater public, and that both sides of this charming encounter were able to go home unharmed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.