One thing that's sure to take the edge off dreadful morning traffic is witnessing the great escape of 19 pigs on the highway. It was a sight no driver even imagined they would be seeing as they got into their cars early that day, but just so happened to be an audience to on the morning of June 8th on the Hankyu highway in Osaka.

According to NHK, a cargo truck transporting 37 pigs rear-ended another vehicle that had been parked on the side of the road. The collision created the perfect opportunity for 19 of the pigs to gun it and make an *almost* successful escape, although some were seen simply huddled together.

Some areas of the highway were inevitably closed down as people worked to gather the runaway animals without injury. Although the accident gave the pigs the chance to get a little taste of freedom, they were soon placed in a different truck and were back on the road to their original destination.

Now that these pigs have had a bit of "practice," however, maybe they'll be more successful next time...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.