If you've ever found yourself looking over the plethora of beer cans in the alcohol section of Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores, you may have noticed that several brands have stickers marked with points attached to their products. That's because many companies run promotional campaigns, based on collecting a certain amount of stickers, that will reward loyal beer-drinkers with a prize--such as a beer server that pours out canned beers as draft. Kirin is now trotting out a campaign of their own, and has decided to promote their Nodogoshi brand as the perfect match for Japanese curry with quite an extravagant reward: a curry fountain that lets you make your own curry fondue!

Although enjoyed all throughout the year, curry has a bit of an image as a summer food in Japan, and of course ice cold beer is seen as the perfect complement. The Curry Fountain works just like any other fondue device, only it spouts a flow of the sweet and mild taste of Japanese style curry. Adverts show families enjoying it at home by dipping just about anything into it--gyoza, eggs, veggies, and corn dogs (called "Big American Dogs" in Japan). The campaign runs from June 5th to August 31st, and you simply need to collect 12 stickers from Kirin beer products--Kirin Nodogoshi, Kirin Nodogoshi All Light, or Kirin Nodogoshi Special Time. Only 1,000 units will be shipped, so beer drinkers will want to get to peeling quickly. There are lesser prizes for lesser stickers, such as packs of curry, but why settle for less?

Several people on social media in Japan have compared the appearance of the curry fountain to the poop emoji, however, so if that aesthetic is now burned into your mind's eye, you may want to lay off.

While curry fondue may not immediately strike some as appealing, the abundance of Japanese curry flavored snacks at convenience stores will let you know that the mild flavor really does pair with a lot of different types of food, so we can only imagine the device providing some delicious nights for friends and families with a craving for curry.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.