If you've ever been to Japan, you likely didn't have to walk around too long before encountering someone wearing a sickness mask. These are primarily worn for etiquette during seasons where colds are prevalent, as a means of protecting yourself from circulating sicknesses as well as to prevent others from catching whatever cold you have. In recent years, people have begun to use the masks for a sense of privacy, style, and even beauty styling purposes. Similarly, you'll see many people just as concerned about UV rays and getting sunburned during the grueling summer season, opting for sun-umbrellas and long-sleeve protectors.

Japanese retailer Belle Maison decided to combine the practice of mask-wearing and a concern for protecting your skin from the sun, and the result is a Jedi Knight-esque mask that might actually scare the sun away from scorching your skin.

Upon initial inspection, this appears more suited for braving a relentless desert than it does a stroll through the Japanese summer. Like many Japanese skin-care masks, a surprising level of research has gone into this. An extra flap extends up to cover the cheekbone area (known as the "C-Zone"), which is said to be an easy place to freckle, sunburn, and become damaged. The mask, which is said to have a loose and easy fit, cuts UV rays by 98%.

A breathing hole below the nose makes this a lot less suffocating than it appears, and the light material is attached with bands around the ear, much like a standard sickness mask. Coupled with sun glasses or long-sleeve wear, you'll look like you are declaring war on the sun in samurai or even Star Wars apparel--although those two will always be linked aesthetically.

Belle Maison sells them in different black and gray colors for 2,484 yen. While this particular mask (called the "not hard to breathe UV face cover") is said to be for women, there are male models available as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.