The world of Japanese Japanese idol and pop groups, driven by very passionate fans, is pretty congested at the moment. So in order to stand out, sometimes idol groups have to figure out a creative way to promote themselves and stand out more--like attending fan "greet and hug" events in hazmat suits. The same might also be said of karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), which many Japanese pubs and mom-and-pop shops boasting to own the nation's best. So the latest (and perhaps first) idol group and karaage collaboration aims to kill two birds with one stone in the form of fried chicken with idol girl sweat-flavored sauce.

Karaage shop Tenka Torimasu is offering up an original collaboration serving of fried chicken topped with a sauce said to recreate the flavor of a girl's sweat--in this case, those girls would be the members of Kamen Joshi, an idol unit from Akihabara who wear masks like the tokusatsu superhero Kamen Rider. Kamen Joshi aren't exactly strangers to promotions like this, as in the past member Erina Kamiya demonstrated how to undress as quickly as possible.

The actual sauce mixes salt with the sourness of lemon juice and cheese (for aftertaste) to capture the "refreshing" taste of a performing idol's sweat. Member Anna Tachibana (below) provided comment about the collaboration, saying "Wow, to be able to savor the refreshing sweat of an idol--this is the karaage of dreams!"

While the Girl's Sweat Karaage doesn't contain any actual sweat, it will likely find popularity simply as a gag item, as well perhaps among the type of idol fans who enjoy having their favorites spit water on them. The sweaty karaage will be sold at 400 yen a serving running until October 31st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.