As you may already know, most Japanese toilets, especially in restaurants and shops, are fitted with electronic bidet seats. While the invention is used almost ubiquitously in Japan, it is also making considerable inroads in international markets. As the technology improves, increasingly sophisticated features appear, turning your bathroom stay into a virtual spa experience for your nether regions.

The most basic feature, naturally, is the bidet itself -- essentially a stream of warm water directed upwards. Most electronic toilets have only two power settings, low (or soft) and normal, and the position can be adjusted to the front or back as needed. However, once in a while, you will encounter a toilet that has a more powerful mode. This mode can go by different names, depending on the brand. "High," "Strong" or "Powerful," to mention a few.

Twitter user Punpo (@1m__57cm) came across this example when visiting a shop. The owner had taped a warning message to the console, with what was clearly meant to be a stern warning.

The console is divided into "bidet" and "shower" modes, with shower mode strength indicated with the labels "oshiri mild" (oshiri meaning "butt") and "oshiri powerful." However, either in a lapse of attention or in a stroke of comic genius, the owner reversed the label in a way that changed the attribution of the adjective "powerful" from bidet to butt, resulting in a name that sounds more like an attack move in the butt-bumping wrestling manga Keijo than a feature you'd want to use on your visit to the throne.

Warning message: If you press "Powerful Oshiri," water will shoot all the way up to the ceiling. Please do not use this mode.

---"I split my sides laughing when I saw 'Powerful Oshiri'"

Commenters were quick to point out that, although "Oshiri Powerful" already packs quite a punch, there are other toilets out there with even more astonishing labels:

This bidet has a rotating dial that goes from "Oshiri Multi-Fit," whatever that means, to "Strong" and finally ... for those who can handle it ... "Oshiri Turbo"!

Whatever stokes your engine...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.