As part of Universal Cool Japan initiative, Universal Studios Japan's collaborative effort to promote Japanese entertainment and pop culture around the world with big time attractions, a Final Fantasy ride opened in the park on January 19th. While Detective Conan and Monster Hunter, and Sailor Moon attractions are set to open in the Spring, the mega-popular RPG franchise got first dibs at the Osaka theme park, and seems to have broken in in full force.

Outside of a roller coaster and VR hybrid called the Final Fantasy XR Ride, which allows guests to board an Mog airship and traverse the worlds of the series, the park is offering up an RPG treasure chest of goods and foods based on the Final Fantasy universe. Here's a look at some of the goods and surroundings fans have reported from inside the park.

It appears that the food selection offers up a caramel flavored Chocobo Popcorn Bucket and Cactuar "Thousand Needles" Churritos. The goods shop also seems to have some cookies with old-school pixelated characters on them.

The lead up to the ride seems like a nostalgia trip in itself, with classic music from the games blaring over the speakers.

The ride itself has passengers board a Mog Ship, which comes which some specific instructions.

And of course there is some good merchandise to be had as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.