Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard sells just about anything you can think of, including KFC-scented bath bombs. Their fashion department, however, might tend to focus on a lack of clothing for appeal--as seen with see-through Japanese schoolgirl uniforms and sexy bunny girl lingerie. Their latest quirky item in stock might overcompensate for that however, as they're now taking orders for adorable animal-themed body warmers that can cover you from head to toe.


Source: PR Times

The MATAGI series by takakukei offers a selection of cute body warmers that can be worn not only to help you brave chilly weather, but also appear to have an animal clinging to you with a tight hug. For instance, a bunny wrapping ears around your neck.

Or maybe you prefer sloths, pandas, and koalas hitching a ride on your back.

Or perhaps you'd rather bury yourself in chinchillas and otters?

And if you can't make up your mind, just become a Voltron of the entire animal kingdom and fear no cold weather!

They're currently on sale at Village Vanguard's online website, in a range of 1,620 yen-5,400 yen, depending on the size of the animal you select. Unfortunately Village Vanguard only ships within Japan, but many of their popular items end up on Amazon, Rakuten, or proxy services like Japan Trends Shop shortly after their release.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.