Do you love your partner a million? A billion? A Godzillion?

Then Japan has the best way for you to show it this Valentine’s Day, a $70 chocolate recreation of the original 1954 king of the monsters wading through the sea.

Source: (C) Grape Japan

This delicious reptilian terror can be found at various department stores in major cities from now until February 14th.

If you’re not ready for the commitment of dropping $70 on a consumable, there are many other less expensive but still awesome Godzilla themed chocolates.

There’s a chocolate incarnation of 'Kamata-kun', Godzilla's second form, mid-scream with bulging eyes for about $10. For a similar price you can eat him in bar form or have a whole collection of mini Godzillas. Chocolate discs are also available that look like DVDs.

Source: (C) Grape Japan

The staff at the store were kind enough to give us a tiny Godzilla sample. Possibly the cutest this icon of destruction has ever looked.

Source: (C) Grape Japan

The Godzilla chocolate pop-up shops are in the following department stores:

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu, Osaka 9th Floor

Hankyu Umeda, Osaka 9th Floor

Takashimaya Shinjuku, Tokyo 11th Floor

Takashimaya Yokohama, Kanagawa 8th Floor

Seibu Sogo, Hiroshima 9th Floor

Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo 8th Floor

Marui Family Mizunokuchi, Kanagawa B1

Odakyu Shinjuku, Tokyo 11th Floor

By - grape Japan editorial staff.