The cushy-comfy beanbags are so nice, it attracts not only humans but also our beloved pets.

Bunta, a Siberian Husky that's popular on Japanese Twitter (@pupipupi_pupipi) is a beanbag-lover also.

It's been a while since Bunta started using his beloved beanbag, and he's figured out how to enjoy it even more.

It appears that Bunta's concerned about the little creases and contours of the bag. The way he adjusts it to his liking is pure mastery!

Twitter users reacted positively to this post, leaving a comment such as "he's a master of beanbag adjustment!" and "he's so cute!".

And while we cannot see in the video what happens after Bunta's done with adjusting the beanbag, we're pretty sure he's taken a pretty good nap!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.