Japan has been celebrating April Fool's Day for many years now, with goods and service companies announcing gag products and unlikely collaborations to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. Anime studios are among the most active participants in the trend.

In the spirit of good fun, we've selected a few of our favorites this year to share the jokes with you...


Yamanosusume (Encouragement of Climb)

The key visual for the third season of the popular anime Encouragement of Climb featuring mountain-loving girls shows them improbably conquering K2, the second tallest and second most perilous mountain in the world.

Toei Animation

Toei Animation had some April Fool’s fun announcing a new film featuring two of its star properties collaborating for the first time! As is obvious from the poster image, “Dragon Ball Super vs. Pretty Cure Super Stars The Movie,” the new film, announced for April 2019, pits Son Goku in Dragon Ball Super against Cure Yell from Hugtto! Precure. The main slogan says: “Which one is Super!?”

Products and Services


While Pop Team Epic’s own official page also had a bit of April Fool’s Fun, we suspect Calbee is the runaway favorite among fans of the anime with its proposed new twist on its popular Pizza Potato Chips. Called “Pizza Potato - Cheese Ippai Chuki” (Pizza Potato Chips - I Wuv Cheese A Whole Bunch) in reference to one of the more meme-worthy exchanges between Popuko and Pipimi, these chips are loaded with 200 times the normal amount of cheese. To compensate, however, only two chips are included in the bag. The Twitter post introducing the chips also refers to the famous “You mad?” scene from the first episode.


Fanta has been available in many kinds of fruit flavors. However, this April Fool’s campaign imagines a new line of vegetable-flavored Fanta sodas. If you’ve tried celery soda before, it may not be too far of a stretch to imagine Green Pepper Fanta and Sweet Corn may even be palatable but things get a bit sketchy with Burdock Root, Garlic and, finally, Dragon’s Breath, which seems to be made with Habanero peppers.


Thanks to nanobots and Adobe Sensei AI technology, Adobe’s new protein drink, Nomu Photoshop (Drinkable Photoshop), can do away with time-consuming and bothersome post-production by directly editing your body’s pixel contours to meet your specifications. Spousal quarrels can be resolved, old age can be reversed, failing businesses can succeed, barren trees can bloom again, all of it is possible with Nomu Photoshop!

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

In a surprising announcement, we’ve learned that Eevee from Pokemon will be joining as a new wrestler in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he will face off against EVIL for his debut match.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.